The Loom sings at the Secret Garden

Though The Loom hasn’t been around for too long, singer John Fanning says the current line-up feels permanent, and I very much agree. He and drummer Jon Alvarez share a great chemistry from being friends before becoming band mates, and after playing with the band for about 10 months, classically-trained french horn and trumpet player Lis Rubard is happy to focus on it as her main project. Joining them most recently are flutist Bethany Chase (who quit oboe school after literally telling them to “fuck off”) and guitarist Mark Rogers (who seems to treat everything he says and does with a dose of passion). Both musicians are an excellent fit, musically and temperamentally. And though the beloved bassist Dan DeSloover is temporarily away on a biological project that involves stunning fish in order to count them, he was greatly missed as The Loom and friends of The Loom gathered at John’s apartment in Kensington for the shooting of these videos. China, who you will see playing the saw, made an exuberant amount of delicious food for all.

The song in the first video, “Song for the Winter Sun”, is taken from the band’s self-titled EP, and the second, “In the Wings”, from a collection of new songs that are ready to be recorded for a full-length album. With the addition of Bethany and Mark, says John, the sound of that recording is sure to differ slightly from the EP’s. See the current line-up when The Loom plays four NYC dates before heading for Pop Montreal in October. Filling in for Dan while he’s away is Toby, who also plays additional drums in these videos.

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