secret garden video series September 11, 2008

My Velcroe Sings at the Secret Garden

My Velcroe is California’s Colorado native Emily Blong, a graphic designer who after the discovery of Reason—a pretty expansive music-making software—decided to add music to her list of creative outlets. She was in town last week to play a show at Pianos, telling us pre-show, “I’m very excited as I haven’t played in New York for a couple of years; I have a brand new label, Broken Velcroe, and a new album out, Prophets of the Broken Velcroe, that I’ll be promoting… I have been staying with my friends Chris and Eric from Pela. Already in one day I’ve had a fantastic trip. On the plane here I befriended Gary Baseman of whom I’m a big fan, and he drew me a picture, and then my dear friend Chris took me out on the town, and then we sang and danced on the rooftop in Carrol Gardens as the sun came up over the city.”

For these two videos, we went back to that very rooftop, where we chatted and Emily sang with her Omnichord and Casiotone. Sadly, though, Sunday morning was really too early for a recreation of the dancing. But, you can hear all about the near-disaster Pianos show, amongst other things, in the second video, after the song.

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