Princeton Sings at the Secret Garden

I met with California’s Princeton on the last day of CMJ, just as they were waking up after a late night out, and a week full of shows. Keyboardist Ben Usen was nowhere to be found*, and the band had traveled light with little equipment; so the Kivel brothers took on a keyboard found in their host’s apartment, while drummer David Kitz played the drum machine. Jesse Kivel sings a new song, “Stunner Shades in Heaven”, in the kitchen, and Matt Kivel sings another new song, “Martina & Clive Krantz” in the living room. I requested for at least one song from the Bloomsbury EP, after which Matt learned to play “Ms. Bentwich” on the keyboard as we were filming. That evening the band played their last CMJ show at Club Love, snippets of which you will see in this video.*Ben might’ve been taken hostage by an infamous New York City gang, members of which kept yelling his name at the show.

Princeton will play Pianos on December 2 and Update: December 5 at Union Hall. Read all of our previous posts on Princeton.

  • Alameda:

    Thank you for putting up the Princeton video. I was kind of bummed that I had to miss their shows but it makes me happy to find them here. The band sounds good even without all their instruments and the videos look like they were a lot of fun to make. I also like how you’ve pieced them together.

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