Luke Winslow-King plays the Secret Garden

luke winslow-king

It’s a whole new Winter season here at the Secret Garden of 2009! Luke Winslow-King was in town to play slew of shows and was staying in downtown Brooklyn, where there was a gigantic Jay Z billboard looking over us; we were in a warm kitchen way high up, looking out onto the rapidly developing world of Brooklyn. Luke was playing for us as the Luke Winslow-King Trio, with friends Rich Levinson playing his amazing washboard and Jason Jurzak playing the tuba. We attempted a song out on the rooftop even though it was about 15 degrees outside. You know what happens when a tuba player attempts to play the rooftop under such weather conditions?? We wrapped it up with four great performances indoors. Onward for this and rooftop adventures!

Three of the four songs in these videos are from Luke’s newest, Old/New Baby. Also present was Mike ‘Freedom’ Hart, who plays with Rich Levinson in The Young Equestrians.

Secret Garden is a video series produced by Hooves on the Turf, in which we meet with a band to film them performing a few songs outside the context of a regular show. You can view the full video archive here.

Click “HD” to watch in better quality.

Part 1

Part 2

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