secret garden video series February 10, 2009

Team Genius plays the Secret Garden


I’d been wanting to film Team Genius ever since I heard their Hooray EP last year, and thanks to the band’s willingness to brave the cold, and drummer Scott Dyer’s intention to take his drum kit outdoors, the Winter season of Secret Garden’s going just swell. These guys seem to have a knack for writing songs that you sing along, clap and stomp to, so it’s only appropriate that they’ve managed to gather themselves into a unit of eight, even though of one them, Emma Firth, was missing when I went to see them at their rehearsal space in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

After warming up with a few songs indoors, and drinking and talking about Icelandic beer on the day that nation’s government collapsed, the band found a cable long enough to run through the window, so we decided to film the songs on the street outside, right past a pile of trash bags, which front man Drew Hermiller thought was an apt scene for any New York musician. The trumpet, the accordion and the saxophone quickly succumbed to the low temperature and went irreversibly out of tune, but there was still a lot of clapping to do!

Secret Garden is a video series produced by Hooves on the Turf, in which we meet with a band to film them performing a few songs outside the context of a regular show. You can view the full video archive here.

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Websites: Team Genius Myspace, Team Genius Official

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