sxsw '09 March 30, 2009

Video: The Tallest Man on Earth plays in Austin. Part 1

the tallest man on earth at sxsw

The Tallest Man on Earth is just a band name, and it belongs to Sweden’s Kristian Matsson, who has adopted a heritage of American folk music as exemplified by Bob Dylan and his peers, the result of which are a collection of fervent songs teeming with raw energy on the jangly acoustic guitar, and lyrics that are amongst the most simple yet piercingly romantic and thoughtful. Seeing him at the “inside stage” of Club 1808, which was basically a small floor space by the bar, was one of the highlights of my trip to Austin, and not managing to see him multiple times, though I did try, was one of my regrets. I filmed the entire set, of which Part 1 is presented here, and Part 2 will be posted next Monday, April 6 is now up.

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Download “The Gardener

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the inside stage came with a few quirks: the repeated “coming through” chant from one of the workers moving things, which led Kristian Matsson to ask at one point, “Anyone else coming through?”, and the bizarre loud music that leaked in from the outdoor stage every time someone opened the door that led to the backyard (where the outdoor stage was), which was very often. Despite all of this, it was a precious show! It was part of a bigger day party organized by Gigotron and Videothing, and Club 1808 turned out to be one of my favorite venues. It was in the eastern part of town (east of the highway and away from downtown), and it hosted many great bands on a daily basis.

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  • Oded:

    I don’t think the Tallest Man on Earth is just a band name – he’s an actual giant. To perform under these conditions alone suggests some special endurance and patience… Great video.

  • him:

    Will you be posting the rest?
    this is really great footage.
    thanks for putting it out there.

  • sarahana:

    yes, the rest will be posted on april 6, monday morning, to wash away the monday blues.

  • genev:

    Wow. I was there, somewhere in the middle. Came down for SXSW in love, this was the only performance I was interested in and what a fantastic video. When he sang Bluebird.. oh my, one of the most potent moments I have ever experienced in a live performance. Thank. you. (!)

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