Fanfarlo plays outside someone's house

While we were in Austin for SXSW, we swung by the Red House Pizzeria for a pizzastic breakfast one morning. Out in the backyard a host of bands were readying to kickstart another day of endless music, and England’s Fanfarlo, who was scheduled to go on later, had prepared a few songs for our mini-musical-documentary series: the Secret Garden. We walked a short distance away from the venue and halted outside someone’s house, where I was drawn towards a white garage and the entire British crew towards a car draped in a car cover behind a chain link fence. They played three songs there —”Finish Line”, “Luna” and “Comets”, all from their new album, Reservoir. Plenty of bird chirps were available for accompaniment!


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  • coffee:

    never heard of them before, but i was instantly impressed. i need to buy their album or something. i need their music. it is incredible.

  • DKVT:

    It’s hard to believe they haven’t gotten as much airplay as they deserve. The band rocks. I was fortunate to get their album for a dollar pre-release off their website. Best $1 I’ve ever spent.

  • Jared Sanchez:

    Very Very Very good band, my favorite song from them is “Fire Escape” If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you look it up.

  • frances kvietok:

    They are an AMAZING band, i saw them live and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to.

  • arianna:

    this is absolutely amazing. i love all of your videos! excellent work, and excellent choices. :]

  • Aqua: Love TEEN. Man they can sing. Cool. Different.
  • Suraj Joshee: Sarahana, Loved the video. You captured the simple raw essence of the music and band really really...
  • Kevination: I love infectious songs.
  • Jipes: Another great post, I love the voice of this artist. Every time I come here I’m surprised which is...
  • Jipes: Not at all, I’m really sorry if my comment seems odd but compare to people like Tallest Man on Earth,...