listen to this April 29, 2010

Wow, new Phosphorescent song is terrible

I was never a huge fan, yet I’m really surprised at Phosphorescent’s new song “The Mermaid Parade”. The voice is pretty as usual (great for singing forlornly about wolves), but this entire song is one boring melody repeated incessantly, with lyrics that attempt to invoke the salty smell of a sultry evening (I guess?) but fail to capture anything at all: the emotion is really flat (for being a sentimental song), and there’s not even an imagery or a rhyme that claims a territory in your brain. Did I mention there’s way too much bluesy guitar? That’s probably why The Tripwire thinks it’s “an American classic”, and that’s the only reason I’m terrified. Listen to it, what do you think?

PS. Just listened to it again. The ending is just horrendous.

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Download “The Mermaid Parade

Photo above: Original by Sebastian Mlynarski. I just put my picture of a naked dancing “mermaid” on top it.

  • Deems:

    when i listen to this song i feel like i am back in coney island, with my friends, passing around a bottle of wine at the mermaid parade, laughing and dreaming about a bigger tomorrow- NOT! What is this piece of doo-doo?

  • Joe:

    I don’t think it’s that bad. I also don’t think it’s that good.

    Likewise, I was never a huge fan of Phosphorescent. There’s nothing that stands out in this song, and the layered blues guitar riffs are drowning out anything that has the chance to. It’s not horrendous, but I guess you’re right – when I listened to it a couple days ago I expected something a little more memorable, and at least a little more novel. You’re making me feel good about my gut reaction, because I felt guilty when I noticed that called the song “incredible”!

  • Patrick:

    There’s a whole lotta riffin goin on. And that’s a fact.

  • Bill Johnson:

    Are you kidding me? It’s one of the best songs of 2010.

  • Kevin Eder:

    Love him, and your blog. Deal with it.

  • rickdog:

    Awful??? I guess everyone responds differently to music.
    The problem with this specific song is that it’s too wordy, there’s not enough notes to sustain them. Otherwise the music is fantastic. There is a spirit of Dylan and the Band here, in feeling at least.

  • polvotten:

    i love it, def a good vibe to this tune. “terrible” is quite an exaggeration. I do prefer the song ‘Los Angeles’ though over this one

  • sarahana:

    i find it terrible, as terrible as “terrible” means. and i’m all the more surprised that people seem to love it.

  • sarahana:

    the song is an epitome of lazy songwriting!

  • will p.:

    maybe its the slide guitar and the offbeat nature of his singing that throws people off. to me this song has lots of soul and gets better with each listen.

  • Tim:

    I have to agree that it was extremely repetitive. And the guitar is a little distracting in a way that I’m not into. Mostly the twangly blues moans. But It wasn’t a “terrible” song. Just not memorable. But I could probably force myself into enjoying it if I listen enough. But I don’t see myself doing that. Especially for that song. I’d give it a C-

  • Will P2:

    Hey Will P, I agree with you, probably because my name is Will and my last name starts with a P also haha really like this song though

  • matt k:

    this is the first time I have heard Phosphorescent and I am not surprised that I don’t like them. Add this band to the pile of bands that i’ve heard of being really cool and innovative and wish I had continued not hearing because they are not cool and not innovative.

    “hey, I’ll play these notes on the piano and say too much about othing, while you do some bluesy riffs on that there guitar and we can be a band.”

    oh, and rickdog, if you want the spirit of bob dylan or the band, listen to bob dylan or the band.

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