listen to this June 9, 2010

New Wavves song sounds just like a forgettable MTV band

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It starts out with a variation on the opening of “Walk like an Egyptian” set to hyperactive mode. Then it evolves into Blink 182, or a number of similar bands of that era with names with numbers in them (Sum 41?). The blistering, hop-hop beat only ever slows down for the pestering chorus that insists, “That I’m just having fun, that I’m just having fun, that I’m just having fun, with youuuuuu-uuu-uuuu, with youuuuu-uuuu-uuuu, with youuuu-uuuu-uuuuu” (well, clearly), and the bridge that goes, “Huuhhh-huhhh-huhhaaa-huhhhh”. If rebellion to intellectualism is your thing, this song is a champion of low brow. Embrace it.

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Download “Post Acid” by Wavves (if you must)

  • Mel:


  • Khali:

    awh don’t be mad, what about king of the beach that song is awesome even if it kind of cliche. it’s better than just sounding like smashing a guitar against a metal trash can. or all of the depressing crap being crooned from most of these indie dudes

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