Lost In Brooklyn

lost in brooklyn September 13, 2011

Horns outside my window

There’s a group of people going around the block, playing horns, and holding up a sign that says “Puppy Hugz”. It sounds nice. There’s a big cat. That’s about it.

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lost in brooklyn September 13, 2010

My new foodie tumblr

Roased Plum Crepe at Rose Water

Roased Plum Crepe at Rose Water

>>  sarahanalovestasties.tumblr.com

lost in brooklyn June 5, 2008

IKEA, Brooklyn: June 18

Details are up on the IKEA site

lost in brooklyn April 18, 2008

Saturday vs. Regina at Soundfix

How tempting is it to hear that Regina Spektor is playing Soundfix for free? Very tempting. But I’ve decided not to go. I really want to see the cherries blossom, and I really want to have brunch with friends at Tom’s Diner, I’m not super-stoked about Murakami, but sure I’ll check him out. But I don’t want to wait in the line for hours to see an intimate show. Because then it’s really not intimate anymore. For the experience to be intimate, you need to stroll in with a few friends to buy a record and suddenly realize that a girl is playing on the piano inside, and you decide, let’s pull up a chair guys, let’s get a drink and check this woman out. So for now I’ll just accept Regina’s now a superstar and I’ll try to pay a superstar price to get front row tickets when she plays the next time. How about that.

Bookish Love + Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival

For the one or two readers who might’ve noticed, promptness is not a promise of this blog! It’s been many weeks since I was last at South Street Seaport or McCarren Pool, or listened to any new music (other than Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam, my singular source of music since the leak, an event that’s now too old to discuss). And so after weeks of seclusion (from social forms of entertainment- my new subscription to the Economist is to blame!) I ventured out* to the neighborhood to notice that Seventh Avenue Books, which sits right next to Park Slope Books, has decided to move on after serving the hood for six years. Needless to say, there’s a huge sale, though its neighbor does have a more interesting selection, which might make it a better first-stop (my collective purchase today from the two stores, below).


But now to the point of this post: you will notice it’s being filed under a new category: “Bookish Love”, and if you’re not one of the two readers I mentioned in the beginning, you’ll need an explanation; after being distracted with the setting up of this blog, my other blog, bookishlove.net, obviously suffered serious neglect, so the only decent thing to do is merge the two, with less ambitious goals (I will no longer attempt to provide a comprehensive list of all literary events going about town, or to attend as many of these events as I previously did. From those I do attend, there will be photos, of course, and words if there’s anything to say, and of those that I hope to attend, there will be a mention; and in keeping these goals modest, there won’t be any insightful book reviews). Having said that, Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival is this Saturday, August 18th, from 4 to 7 PM; and, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Borough Public Library are now all open six days a week!


Who sticks out his tongue? After the jump.

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lost in brooklyn June 25, 2007

Mermaid Parade at Coney Island

There were some fantastic costumes and acts at the parade this year, the “last one” before Coney Island gets a corporate face. I didn’t catch all of them, but the ones I did were a lot of fun. The trains were full (with pirates, mermaids and at least one sea-bound Elvis), and the turnout was massive- several people went home without ever catching a glimpse of the actual parade.

One of my favorites was the Main Squeeze Orchestra with its fleet of female accordionists. You can catch them on July 7th at Riverside Park South, where Main Squeeze bandleader Walter Kuhr is co-curating an accordion festival from 2 to 9 pm.

Another favorite was Samba New York. This Brazillian collective is having a boat party on Wed June 27th. Print their Events page to get in for $10.

More photos after the jump.

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lost in brooklyn June 18, 2007

Roller Derby in Greenpoint – photos

My roommate Lorelei went to this roller skate event over the weekend. Yes, feast your eyes. This is what “hipsters” look like. She was having too much fun to remember anything to write about. So here are photos she took w/ her skates on.

More photos after the jump.

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lost in brooklyn May 30, 2007

Galapagos Art Space moving to Dumbo

The new Galapagos Art Space will live on 16 Main Street in Dumbo starting spring or early summer 2008. It will be New York City’s first LEED certified “green” cultural venue. The current space in Williamsburg will operate regularly through the weeekend of June 17, continuing only on weekends and special occassions from there on.

Lymbyc Systym performing at Galapagos Art Space earlier this year.

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lost in brooklyn April 17, 2007

How to be a good consumer

Stamp Out the Rate Hike: Stop the Post OfficeThis in the email from the Nation:

Postal regulators have decided to extend special favors to the nation’s largest publishers, like Time Warner and Hearst, while unfairly burdening smaller and independent magazines with much higher postal rates…

Clicking on the stamp will let you send a message to congressmen and chairmen and other such folks, which is dandy if you’ve got the time, all that preparation to land in someone’s Junk folder. But why not just boycott all these useless magazines from Time Warner and refuse to pay for their other products, especially AOL, whenever you can? And if you absolutely must, buy that Sopranos DVD or whatever, rip it off on to your computer, make your friends copies, and sell the original through Amazon or eBay. That’s how you revolt!

Andrew Bird at Union Hall – pics, vinyl, hipsters

Okay, it’s been an entire week since the “secret show” at Union Hall, but the Brooklyn Music Lovers Wanting Their Art Pure was nowhere as severe as this Gawker post makes it sound- there was an assertive keeping-the-music-pure request by the same Lou Dobbs prompter, however, and this one said, “Play more small shows in New York!” to which the whole room applauded and Bird shrugged obediently after finishing to sling his guitar: “Okay.” There was also a spinning, two-faced gramaphone type of a thing, which as it turns out is a gramaphone amp that a man in Chicago makes. Someone asked what that was for, and Bird said it was to throw around the sounds of his violin. Someone asked if there was a pet name for it, Bird welcomed suggestions: one I heard, and thought pretty good, was “Spinderella”. Continue Reading »

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