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Monday Mix January 3, 2011

Best Releases of 2010

2010 was a dull year for discovering new bands; caught between over hype and under hype, the ripe atmosphere for discovery is quickly diminishing. The Cults signed to Columbia Records, Tennis played their first New York show at the large capacity Terminal 5, Blackberry got maximum coverage out of a Tune Yards song, Best Coast and Wavves annoyed the half of us with their money-friendly philosophy on selling out. So I stuck to, for the most part, old favorites who made great new releases. As far as releases go, that Future Islands put out their first proper full length, and that Lower Dens became a band, were probably the highlights for me. I wonder whatever happened to Yellow Fever’s release, though — their new songs seemed ready to go pretty early in the year! But here it is, the top 10.

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Monday Mix July 19, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 6


Sun-soaked new music* for making your Monday Morning smell like salt.

  1. “When They Fight They Fight” by Generationals
  2. “Lifted” by Lemonade
  3. “Bigg Boy” by Quiet Hooves
  4. “Endless Spring” by Houses
  5. “Real Love” by Delorean
  6. “Grip” by Hume
  7. “Tea Lights” by Lower Dens
  8. “Long Long Time To Go” by Wet Dog
  9. “Tell” by Brazos
  10. “All That Shit Again” by Squirrelhouse

*and the occasional old

Monday Mix July 12, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 5

Best of new* music to make your Monday morning bounce. Download the huzzah.

  1. “Psychedelic Mice” – Weekends (Psychedelic Mice cassette)
  2. “Ups & Downs” – Blackbird Blackbird (Happy High EP)
  3. “Best in the Class” – Late of the Pier (Best in the Class EP)
  4. “Argentine Pears” – Experimental Dental School (Forest Field)
  5. “South Carolina” – Tennis (South Carolina 7″)
  6. “Bermuda Triangle” – YellowFever (Bermuda Triangle EP)
  7. “Little Brown Haired Girl” – Frankie & the Outs (Self-titled)
  8. “Make Time” – Dark Dark Dark (Bright Bright Bright EP)
  9. “David” – Yawn (Y.A.W.N EP)
  10. “Pirates” – Tony Castles

Cover image by Kevin Eder

*and the occasional old

Monday Mix June 28, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 4

Jelly-bean hot-spring new* music to paint your Monday Morning a sugar-toothed yellow. Download the twinkie.

  1. “Lemonade” by Braids (Native Speaker)
  2. “A Cold Freezin’ Night” by The Books (The Way Out)
  3. “Safety” by Tune Yards (Bird-Brains)
  4. “Hospice Gates” by Lower Dens (Twin-Hand Movement)
  5. “Most Wanted” by Cults (Cults 7″)
  6. “Lawn Knives” by Gobble Gobble (Secret 7″)
  7. “Medulla Oblongata” by Buke and Gass
  8. “Apple Option Fire” by Hot Lava (Lavalogy)
  9. “South Dakota” by Magic Man (Real Life Color)
  10. “De Vienne A Paris” by Ödland (Ottocento)

*and the occasional old

Monday Mix June 21, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 3

Haze-glazed honey-supple new music* for making your Monday morning taste like sugar. Download the candy.

  1. “Be Brave” by The Strange Boys (Be Brave)
  2. “Marathon” by Tennis
  3. “Monster” by Magic Man (Real Life Color)
  4. “Glorylight And Christie” by Cotton Jones (Tall Hours In The Glowstream)
  5. “So Sorry, Girl” by Blackbird Blackbird (Happy High EP)
  6. “The Observer” by Brazos (Phosphorescent Blues)
  7. “Don’t Look That Way At It” by White Denim (Exposion)
  8. “We’ll Find Out” by Timber Timbre (Timber Timbre)
  9. “Bio Hassle” by Boogie Boarder (Pizza Hero)
  10. “Wehmut” by Josephine Foster (A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)

*and the occasional old

Monday Mix June 14, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 2

Sparkling new music* for making your Monday morning shimmer with stardust. Download the shine.

  1. “Swept Inside” by Future Islands (In Evening Air)
  2. “Day Glo” by Brazos (Phosphorescent Blues)
  3. “Cats and Rats” by YellowFever (Yellow Fever)
  4. “My Girl” by Quiet Hooves (Saddle Up!)
  5. “Lower Leg” by Wet Dog (Frauhaus!)
  6. “Acid Hands” by Illuminauts (Swine Flu 7″)
  7. “Eviction Notice” by Darlings (Yeah I Know)
  8. “Bone Jam” by Jeff the Brotherhood (Heavy Days)
  9. “World News” by Local Natives (Gorilla Manor)
  10. “Below” by Luke Winslow-King (Old/New Baby)

*and the occasional old

Monday Mix June 7, 2010

Monday Mix, Vol 1

Cherry-picked new* music for making your Monday morning smell like geraniums. Download the magic potion.


1. “Beautiful People” by The Books, The Way Out
2. “O Family” by Callers, Fortune
3. “Wide Awake” by Beach Fossils, Beach Fossils
4. “Blessa” by Toro Y Moi, Causers of This
5. “Crushing Limbs” by Anni Rossi
6. “I Was Denied” by Thee Oh Sees, Warm Slime
7. “Love More” by Sharon Van Etten
8. “Adequate Sheen” by Tony Castles
9. “Fishage” by Beaters, Fishage 7″
10. “Distant Whistling” By Elephant Micah, Echoer’s Intent

*and the occasional old

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