video May 16, 2007

Grizzly Bear does French

From who else but La Blogotheque:

[youtube RtCpiJIkrno]

I believe this is the result of the lyrics contest. There’re also the take-away shows from last year, and the band will be supporting the Decemberists at this year’s Summerstage on July 16.

video May 16, 2007

Feist played a (moving) bus

“I Feel It All” from The ReminderĂ‚

[youtube tyRhNYp_1GE]

video May 15, 2007

Final Fantasy at Bowery Ballroom – May 8 video

In the midst of Beirut-induced buzz I might’ve under-emphasized the merit of Final Fantasy sets. Here’s some evidence from the May 8th show. He played this after wondering out loud if he should play a downer, and before Beirut joined him for the last song, “That’s When the Audience Died.”

“Took You Two Years To Win My Heart”



video May 15, 2007

Great new videos – My Brightest Diamond, Low, YACHT

Publicity photographs of My Brightest Diamond tend to be aesthetically conscious, and there is a similar intention in this video for “Magic Rabbit” by photographer Murat Eyuboglu. It’s primarily the slowness of it, but also the photographic quality and the way in which Shara Worden fits in perfectly that makes me really like it. Some of the imagery borders on being cliche, but the rest is refreshing, and the almost whimsical editing makes it work. Besides, this Alfred Brown remix of the song is pretty fantastic, and he’s got other good stuff on his myspace page.

More great new music videos after the jump.

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concert review, video May 13, 2007

Dan Deacon at Mercury Lounge – photos + videos


Dan Deacon sets up his table in front of the stage and tapes a luminous green skull on a mic stand raised high. Amongst other things, his essential setup includes a midi controller, effects for his voice, a small collection of lights he syncs up with the music himself, a disc man he bought from Radioshack and other haphazard-looking electronics. As much as of an unorthodox musician he may appear to be, he’s got a natural way of defying awkwardness. It takes him no effort to connect with the audience and warmly welcome them into his universe as if this were his house party.

“Wham City”


(Photos & more videos after the jump)

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concert review, video May 13, 2007

Ponytail at Mercury Lounge – video + photos

Baltimore’s Ponytail is also part of the Wham City collective, which includes Dan Deacon and Videohippos. My guess as to what grants membership: Baltimore, otherworldy energy, the ability to be possessed at some level and unapologetic enthusiasm. Members of the four-piece looked really young but created a big, aggressive sound. Frontwoman Molly squeals frantic gibberish into a telephone, shaking shoulders and wrist between demonic faces and girlish smiles. Drummer Jeremy, sweat-drenched and face red, sported a shirt in which “Videohippos” had been hand-written. He held big steady beats while the two guitarists (no bass!) ran fast licks. The last song, “Celebrate,” was much longer and more elaborate, even somewhat melodic.

“Start a Corporation”

[vimeo 189257]

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video May 12, 2007

Weekend treat: Beirut's "Gulag Orkestar"

Performance of “Gulag Orkestar” added to the Beirut’s 05.08 Bowery Ballroom video collection. More later.

concert review, video May 9, 2007

Beirut at Bowery May 8th – videos + review

If you plan to embed these videos, please link to this page. I’ll be posting more clips from this show in the coming days.

“Siki Siki Baba” (encore w/ the Gulag Orkestar)


Beirut’s last show at its three-day Bowery Ballroom residency was an absolute blast. It’s rare to like a show considerably more the second time, but tonight’s celebratory spirit and awesome crowd were exceptional. Perhaps it’s the familiarity built in two prior nights and the festive mood of jovial goodbyes. The band members were in top shape, as they were on Sunday, but everyone seemed more laid back and cheerier. There was even an adequate supply of confetti, and Owen Pallett’s animator-friend took on the job of shooting strips of ribbons from the stage. Zach might’ve been a little more drunk, too, and whatever the reason, he was a spirited frontman tonight (he said that Owen Pallett commented he made the best drunk frontman). Cafe Eclectica Music has reported that he is relocating from Brooklyn to Paris after a quick break in Montreal after these NYC shows. Tonight he was insistent that France won the World Cup, even integrating the sentiment into the lyrics at one point. He explained, “Sorry, I love France.”

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video May 4, 2007

One more Feist video interview

Here we have our highly-rated, totally-popular question of all time: “What inspires your music?” And the equally adored compliment: “Oh she’s so intelligent!”

[youtube Is2q0t44hIg]

I imagine these TV appearances will be happening frequently now, and I had forgotten how surreal these TV shows can be. I like what Feist has to say about not feeling at home in France.

share mp3s, video May 3, 2007

Holland's Alamo Race Track – videos, mp3, US release

Download “Northern Territory” (from Black Cat John Brown)


We’re being told Holland’s Alamo Race Track is a You Tube success story, managing to generate a buzz when a Dutch blogger posted a dressing room performance of “Black Cat John Brown.” Then came a warm reception at SXSW, followed by further American exposure on Grey’s Anatomy. The foursome has also been covered by La Blogotheque for its take-away shows, with band members playing from different balconies of a building in Paris.

[youtube vhK6i4Z2pBY]

Minty Fresh Records will make a US release of their album Black Cat John Brown in July. “Northern Territory” also has a video.

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