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watch this October 17, 2011

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps: “Denim Boy” at Union Pool

Off their new album Little Wind. This one’s from their last NYC show at Union Pool, Brooklyn (boy, people talk a lot at that place!)

watch this October 12, 2011

Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps: “Drown in My Tears”

You know who’s going to love this Ray Charles / Aretha Franklin cover? You. You’re going to love it. From last night at Rock Shop, Brooklyn. They’re playing 2 more NYC dates: today (Oct 12) at Cake Shop and tomorrow (Oct 13) at Union Pool.

playing tomorrow April 5, 2010

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps tomorrow + Contest

Remember Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps from the super fun sidewalk performance they did for us? They’re stopping in Brooklyn tomorrow at Pete’s Candy Store, 10PM. First person to mention “Hooves on the Turf” to Caroline tomorrow will receive a gift from the band.

Photo above by Amanda Johnson.

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Download “Closing The Doors
Daytrotter Session (from Daytrotter website)
Download “
Sally (Live at Cedar)

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps plays at the Secret Garden

Before playing their Spike Hill show in Williamsburg, Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps were to perform a few songs in the ever-so-mobile Secret Garden. Their bright-eyed bassist Jesse Schuster had wanted to play an upright bass, but when we couldn’t find a spot that housed one we could borrow, we thought a well-lit patch of a quiet-ish sidewalk, by which their van was parked close to the venue, suited us just fine. Drummer Arlen Peiffer grabbed a glockenspiel and a shaker, and the other three—Alex Ramsey-Blood, Caroline Smith and Jesse—fared well amongst a guitar, a banjo and some finger-snapping. Their sweet songs reigned on the sidewalk, turned a few heads, and evoked kind words from a passing stranger. We topped it all off with a cover of a pretty filthy song, though. All three originals heard here are from Backyard Tent Set.

caroline smith and the good night sleeps

kitchen sink February 12, 2009

Upcoming Secret Garden release dates


Here’s a schedule of Secret Garden releases coming in the near future. If you’re unfamiliar with this ever-changing, magical garden, it is a video series in which I film bands performing a few songs outside the context of a regular show. Along with the schedule you’ll also find some “candid band photos” that, as a tradition of my own, I take after each shoot–though sometimes I forget.

If you’re a blogger who’d like to write a preview for any of these episodes before they release, just email me at hoovesontheturf [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll give you access to an “advanced screening” of a sort. Thanks!

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early indications August 22, 2008

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps played Pianos

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Download “Where Has Sally Gone” | Everyone from Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps seemed pretty likable, and they were quick to make new fans at their first-ever performance in New York City. Of the small crowd present last night–the room was half-full–it seemed most were friends of other bands playing: Measure, Olivia Mancini and Donny Hue are all local acts. Apart from myself, there were perhaps three others who knew of Caroline prior to the show: the band’s jovial mailing list guy, that guy’s friend, and another person Caroline greeted before the show. When the music got going, however, there were howls of approval, enthusiastic roars of applause; when it was time to announce they had only two more songs left, there was a unanimous expression of disappointment; finally as the last song came to a close, there was the request for an encore.

Continued, and all photos after the jump.

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playing tonight August 21, 2008

The Americans, Christina Courtin, Caroline Smith & more tonight

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Le Royale: There are about eight bands paying there tonight and though I’m not sure who goes on when, I bring your attention once again to The Postelles–just returned from playing Lallapalooza–whose 50’s-60’s-inspired pop rock tunes stand out for sounding so much like the real thing that it’s impossible not to enjoy. All four members have the style down, but it makes hell lot of a difference that singer Daniel Balk sounds like a boy right out of that era. I’m equally into Charlie Klarsfeld’s The Americans, who also draw heavily from that same bygone, fruitful time, but the style here is decidedly R&B, complete with claps, piano and horns. Joining these two is Samuel (amongst many others?), who prefers the more modern affiliation with electronica, and who, it is said, will play with a new live band.

Two gorgeous ladies, more great bands, and all mp3 links after the jump.

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