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sxsw '09 March 23, 2009

Pictures: Day 5 in Austin

Day 5 in Austin was March 21, 2009. The morning began with a ride to the northern part of the eastern town, where five members of Balmorhea, an instrumental six-piece from Austin, were waiting to play a few songs for our video series, Secret Garden.

sxsw day 5

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best of December 19, 2008

This Year's 20 Favorite Songs

Where I indulge in the overrated phenomenon of a year-end list and discover my bias for sullen songs over happy ones; 20 most-loved songs of the year, with a self-imposed rule of one song per artist so as to not make it entirely pointless.

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awkward December 11, 2008

Video: Princeton played for a shitty crowd at Union Hall

Princeton at Union Hall

I canceled my plans of seeing Yeasayer and Chairlift last Friday so that I could go see Princeton at Union Hall instead—I wanted to catch them at least once on this tour, and I’d missed them at Pianos two days prior. When I got to Union Hall and began to realize that I was in the presence of the worst crowd ever, I wondered if I had made the strangest concert-going decision in the history of the universe.

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Princeton Sings at the Secret Garden

I met with California’s Princeton on the last day of CMJ, just as they were waking up after a late night out, and a week full of shows. Keyboardist Ben Usen was nowhere to be found*, and the band had traveled light with little equipment; so the Kivel brothers took on a keyboard found in their host’s apartment, while drummer David Kitz played the drum machine. Jesse Kivel sings a new song, “Stunner Shades in Heaven”, in the kitchen, and Matt Kivel sings another new song, “Martina & Clive Krantz” in the living room. I requested for at least one song from the Bloomsbury EP, after which Matt learned to play “Ms. Bentwich” on the keyboard as we were filming. That evening the band played their last CMJ show at Club Love, snippets of which you will see in this video.*Ben might’ve been taken hostage by an infamous New York City gang, members of which kept yelling his name at the show.

Princeton will play Pianos on December 2 and Update: December 5 at Union Hall. Read all of our previous posts on Princeton.

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cmj marathon 2008 October 27, 2008

CMJ Day 5: Princeton played Club Love

Princeton at Club Love

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Download “Ms. Bentwich | I spent the morning shooting Secret Garden with Princeton (two minutes after they’d woken up), so I decided to catch their last CMJ show that evening before they headed back to California—they are touring with Ra Ra Riot in December, and plan to stop for a New York City show right before that tour kicks off; they were also picked up by Impose Magazine as one of the “Best of CMJ” bands, and Pop Tarts Suck Toasted did a pre-CMJ profile. All pics by Kashish.

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cmj marathon 2008 October 23, 2008

CMJ Day 2: Princeton, Frances, The Loom played the Bell House

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Download “Leonard Woolf | I’ve been waiting for Princeton to leave California behind and head to New York ever since I heard their Bloomsbury EP. I’ve a column of bands whose personality I find so likable and whose motivations I find so commendable that I’ll always be nothing but forgiving, patient and loving towards them no matter what, and Princeton exemplifies the kind of bands I’m willing to put on this list (another being These United States). The jewel on the crown, for me, is definitely the song, “Leonard Woolf”, with which I have a special attachment because it says so much with so little that it gives me goosebumps. It’s definitely a meeting point of worlds.

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i'm crushing on July 3, 2008

Princeton's Bloomsbury EP

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Download “The Waves” | The story of Princeton is enchanting: twins unite with childhood friend for a “musical partnership” after watching That Thing You Do (hells yeah), and years later reunite and play in London, where over the course of a year they are drawn towards influences that end up as fodder to their lovely EP titled Bloomsbury, which they write in their current hometown of Los Angeles. The lyrics of each of the four songs profiles one member of the Bloomsbury Group, and though the lyrics are often effortlessly dazzling (So Leonard Woolf don’t cry, your books will one day speak to me / And when they do we’ll run outside, and tell your wife…and tell your wife…), it’s really the musical sensitivities that shine through. The strong nonverbal voice of a storyteller is immediately apparent in the texture of each recording, and how carefully yet painlessly different parts swing from one tone to another.

The storytelling is akin to the skills Sufjan deployed in Michigan, though the effort here is intentionally less epic and seemingly un-orchestrated. The atmosphere of the music is very present, and at least in me it triggered a suburban image for some reason: gaping blue sky, quiet streets, and so on. 

Which Virgina Woolf book does this blog get its name from? You’re on your own on that one, but view the full post to find out why the band is named Princeton.

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