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concert review November 2, 2007

Sufjan Stevens premiered the BQE

Listen to “The BQE” on WNYC

The premiere of “The BQE” at BAM’s gorgeous Howard Gilman Opera House was unlike any other Sufjan show. The audience may have offered as many heads with gray hair as those with elaborate hairdos. Before starting the last number in the “Sufjan Stevens Plays the Hits” part of the program, the singer said they’d been treated like royals during the making of “The BQE”, and hoped we’d had our money’s worth. By then I had decided that at times, performance and music can be two different things, and though I could already barely remember the particulars of “The BQE”, it had delivered the warm and fuzzy feeling with which I had hoped to renew my concert-going habit.


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playing soon May 23, 2007

Sufjan will sing w/ Castanets in Brooklyn

Download “All That I Know To Have Changed You” (from First Light’s Freeze)


According to Pitchfork, Sufjan Stevens will perform with fellow Asthmatic Kitty artist Castanets on May 25th. The show is at Monkey Town in Brooklyn. First Light’s Freeze is the second album from Raymond Raposa (aka Castanets), and you can find a feature on Daytrotter.


buy vinyl April 30, 2007

Vinyl reissue of Sufjan's Seven Swans + bonus songs


sufjan-seven-swans.jpgGet a new needle and buy one today! So says Sounds Familyre, whose website is sporting a brand new green look. They are re-issuing Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans (2004) on 140g vinyl for $15. This will include a 7″ with two songs from the Swans sessions not available in any other format, and the LP cover in matte. Hurray for matte, that’s what we say, and hurray for heavy vinyl. Why I’ll be getting it: “In the Devil’s Territory.” Listen and go buy.

concert review September 30, 2006

Sufjan Stevens at the Town Hall – pics, live mp3

Sufjan Stevens

For this tour Sufjan has given himself to the spirit of the Majestic Songbird, and his remarkable crew he should feel blessed to have, and I’m sure he does, is his Butterfly Brigade. This show was a delicious slice of what Sufjan seems best at offering: a synergy of storytelling, musicianship, and performance. In order to qualify, storytelling must involve a predatory wasp, musicianship must involve mastery over a mini orchestra, and performance must involve wings, masks, and Superman balloons and Santa Claus balloons flying out of the stage into the audience, depending on whether you’re singing about the Metropolis or the worst Christmas ever.

All pictures after the jump.

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