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photos June 29, 2009

Photos: These United States, Phosphorescent, Dr. Dog at Celebrate Brooklyn

these united states

A mix of light rain and resolute sunshine led to a rainbow over Brooklyn while These United States was playing. Back home this kind of weather means a fox wedding. It was kind of perfect. Lots of people were out. Someone lent me a towel to wipe my wet chair with. That was nice.

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watch this June 3, 2009

Video: These United States "Honor Amongst Thieves"

Here’s a music video I made for These United States‘ “Honor Amongst Thieves”, which premiered last week. In addition to live and candid shots, it features a few crafty scenes of theft we shot in Park Slope, Brooklyn, before their show at Union Hall that night.

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You can catch a free performance at Prospect Park’s bandshell when they open for Dr. Dog on June 27th, 7pm sharp.

sxsw '09 March 23, 2009

Pictures: Day 5 in Austin

Day 5 in Austin was March 21, 2009. The morning began with a ride to the northern part of the eastern town, where five members of Balmorhea, an instrumental six-piece from Austin, were waiting to play a few songs for our video series, Secret Garden.

sxsw day 5

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sxsw '09 March 22, 2009

Pictures: Day 4 in Austin

Day 4 in Austin was March 20, 2009. We rolled into downtown by Mohawk, which was one of the places where the much talked-about Hot Freaks party was happening. There was a huge line outside.

sxsw day 4

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sxsw '09 March 21, 2009

Pictures: Day 3 in Austin

Day 3 in Austin was March 19, 2009. We headed to Red House Pizzeria to meet with England’s Fanfarlo and shoot a Secret Garden video nearby.

sxsw day 3

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sxsw '09 March 19, 2009

Pictures: Day 2 in Austin

Day 2 in Austin for me was March 18, 2009, which was the first official day of SXSW. After much determination that I wouldn’t make my daily plans around bands I already like, I went to see Drink Up Buttercup’s 2PM set at Beauty Bar anyway. Pretty & Nice were playing when I got there.

day 2 in austin

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songs for you bunnies March 15, 2009

Top 20: SXSW '09 Shortlist

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with every single band involved in this year’s SXSW festivities, officially or unofficially, though I did listen to well over two hundred bands I don’t care to listen to ever again. Unlike them, the list compiled here includes twenty performers I think are most worth seeing, and for free, no less; as far as I know, all of them are either playing unofficial shows, or plan to play whatever last-minute gatherings that come their way.

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songs for you bunnies February 23, 2009

Best of the Inbox, Feb 23 '09


Where I count you down through new songs and new ventures to old songs and golden voices.

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shit was good February 12, 2009

Video: These United States was amazing at Union Hall


A lot of great bands play with their hearts laid out on the stage, and while that much is blatantly obvious in These United States, what’s especially true for singer Jesse Elliott, and what I generally find to be rare and unique, is that he seems to stomp all over his own laid-out heart and crush it until its sufficiently crushed–or so it feels like when you see them live; because there’s never a doubt that the entire band is attuned to translating of all that self-combustive energy into an unforgivingly awesome performance, even when some of the members are especially drunk! These shows aren’t really about how refined the sound is, though, nor are they about the most intellectual beats: they’re an experience that’s best mirrored by some of our most primal bodily expressions without which we’re unable to have any meaningful existence, really, and without which things like progress and innovation are worthless: blood, sweat and tears! Which is probably why anyone who’s paying attention, and whose soul isn’t in a deathly shape, goes home blown away by performances from this band. And if they ever become massively successful, I hope that these are the three things (blood, sweat, tears) they never lose grasp of–it’s like they’re made of solid dirt and that’s where it’s at!

Download “Honor Amongst Thieves” and continue to watch the video.

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shit was good February 3, 2009

Video: Adam Arcuragi with These United States at IOTA

Adam Arcuragi with These United States at IOTA title=

Download “The Bottom of the River” by Adam Arcuragi | The best time I had during my trip to DC was when These United States played a last minute, unannounced show at IOTA in Arlington, Virginia. It was the eve of President Obama’s inauguration, and one of the bands scheduled to play was unable to get into the city because of blocked highways–so they filled in. It turned out to be one of the funnest shows I’ve ever been to: they got into a highly festive mood, playing with some of their friends before playing their own laid-back set. Adam Arcuragi was one such friend–what?! If you haven’t heard this man’s voice, you must. I’d been totally unaware that he was even in Arlington for a show that night, it was an awesome surprise. And though nobody seemed to know if Mark Charles of Vandaveer was even showing up after having been somewhere in a foreign country, Vandaveer was playing, too–what?! The best-planned unplanned show in my history of concert-going. What’s more, Tom Hnatow of These United States played the pedal steel for every song from all four bands that night: Rose, Adam, Vandaveer, and finally his own. Drummer Robby Cosenza played a few songs less, but he barely left the stage either. Onward for video!

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